Leadership is a Journey

Not all of us think of ourselves as Leaders… But when we choose to follow a path that is calling us in work, life or creative endeavour, there will always come a time when we must let go of who we have always been and what we think we know in order to realise our dream and experience the fullness of who we really are. In one way or another, this is the path of leadership.

Throughout the ages there have always been those whose primary calling is to bring guidance, evoke insight and facilitate the full expression of Leadership in others. ¬†From the earliest days, Leaders of countries, armies, tribes and movements would seek counsel of those whose speciality was to listen closely, see possibility and work with natural law to help light up the path. These guides were called by many names… and one of them was Magi.

Magi Consulting Group is a full service transformational Leadership coaching and consulting service Рdesigned to empower the path of purpose in leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, athletes and more. More information about Magi will be shared very soon. In the meantime, if you are feeling engage with a coach to help transform some aspect of your life, leadership or higher calling, please contact Chip directly at chiprichards@mac.com.