Following 10 years of elite level sport coaching, Chip Richards was drawn into transformative leadership facilitation, project consulting and high-performance team development with a passion for helping individuals and organisations move past pre-conceived limits, harness collective potential and expand their experience of what’s possible.

Formerly ranked #1 in the US for Freestyle Skiing, Chip’s Olympic dream took an unexpected turn at the age of 20 with a devastating injury at the peak of his competitive career. Accepting the hit as a ‘gift’, this setback lead Chip to an even deeper calling as a coach, where he quickly rose to international prominence. Mentoring Olympic athletes from six nations, including four World Champions, Chip served as the head coach of the 1998 Australian Olympic Freestyle Ski Team, leading the team to Australia’s first ever podium finish at a World Cup level.

Chip was voted ‘Coach of the Decade’ by Skiing Australia’s top regional program and his work in this arena lead to the development of an integrated coaching model which has been adopted by performance specialists and coaches (both business and sporting) in over 10 nations. Since leaving the mountains in 1998, Chip has followed his passion for coaching, leadership and human potential into a variety of business and creative industries, facilitating vision, alignment and leadership development programs in USA, Australia and Europe with organisations including Google, Organic India, Bank of America, FitPro and Centacare.

In 2012, Chip joined JMJ Associates in Australia, merging his unique coaching background with JMJ’s high performance practices, bringing transformational leadership and cultural development into the heart of some of the world’s largest organisations and projects.

In 2013 Chip was awarded an ‘Extraordinary Award’ for the development of Lift the Sky – a mindful leadership and wellbeing program rolled out globally within JMJ. In 2015, Chip and his team won the ‘Making the Impossible Possible’ Award for pioneering new realms of conscious leadership and project performance on a complex and challenging world class capital project in Darwin.

As a speaker, consultant, coach and facilitator. Chip specialises in working with visionary projects that call for high levels of individual empowerment and extraordinary collaboration around a unified vision. He is often brought into projects and organizations when there is a need for a radical step-change or paradigm shift to move beyond pre-conceived limits and break through into new levels of accomplishment, fulfillment or ways of working together. With keen listening abilities and a gift for creating dynamic spaces for honest conversations to occur, Chip has a passion for guiding teams and individuals into a state of true alignment, where new empowered actions emerge from expanded relationships and a shared sense of purpose. The result of this work is people at all levels bringing their very best to create deeply fulfilling and award-winning projects and teams… together.